Falcon Technologies offers the best Retail security solutions

Falcon technologies have over 10 years experience providing surveillance system, design, and installation services. Our expertise combined with high reputation in the security market ensures that our customers get quality business services that based on sound advice and trust. We will help you choose the right retail security systems depending on the environment that they will operate in and the expandability of this system for expansion.

An assortment of security products

Retail security systems include a wide range of products like video cameras, recorders, retail security tags, checkpoint security systems and other forms of anti-theft devices. Most of our security products for the retail market are available as wireless devices utilizing wired devices, infrared, Wi-Fi, cellular and RF technologies.  Falcon Technologies has security solutions that suit all types of environments from Villa security to supermarkets.

Superior performance

Whether you want a supermarket or Villa security Oman system, Falcon Technologies will provide you with high-quality systems that will guarantee superior performance for many years.  Our video surveillance is a smart choice as it features improved image quality, in-built video intelligence, and other advanced functions.  With our wide range of digital surveillance cameras, you will enjoy detailed images, and megapixel resolution that you cannot achieve with analog cameras.  Furthermore, you can have remote access to video footages irrespective of your location.


Our retail security systems allow businesses to record, manage and view all their cameras on the same network without worrying about how you will manage each camera unit separately.  Our supermarket security system allows you to add more cameras at any time in your current shop or on a new location.

Customer Analytics
Most of our video surveillance cameras have in-built intelligence. You will get additional features such as queue management, crowd detection, loitering functionality and people counting technology. These features can be quite helpful for business owners because they can keep tabs with what is happening in their premises. Controlling the Intelligence of your security camera systems will enable you to run a successful, thriving business. 

At Falcon Technologies, we offer a wide range of outdoor and indoor retail security applications that are designed to give you the villa security Qatar protection that you need. We understand the unique security needs of different retailers. This is why we strive to offer quality and effective systems that will protect you and your business. Our objective is to eliminate in-store or in-house theft and create a secure retail environment for your customers.  Contact us today and get a free consultation with one of our expert technicians.