Nurse call systems at Falcon Technologies

Staff safety and nurse call systems are used in a variety of environments including hospitals, disabled care facilities, and residential nursing homes. These systems offer solutions for patient communication using WC alarms, monitoring, and alert systems, non-audio or audio bedside call systems and other types of care assistance. Staff attack systems enable staffs that are in life-threatening situations to feel secure knowing that they can get help by just pressing a button.

Why opt for a nurse call system?

Installing nurse call systems allows patients or residents to easily and effectively communicate with medical staff.  These nurse aid systems are simple to use and maintain, and this makes them a better alternative to the traditional complicated intercoms systems and telephones.  At Falcon technologies, we stock and install premium quality nurse call systems from renowned manufactures to guarantee quality and functionality of these systems.

Customized services

At Falcon Technologies, we can design and even install a wide variety of wireless and wired nurse call systems.  We understand that every facility has unique needs and this is why we offer customized services to our clients. We offer services to all kinds of environments from large networked homes to single disabled WC units.

Site survey

Unlike other companies in the industry, we take our time to determine what your needs are. We offer a free site survey of your institution before providing a quotation. This helps us to determine a solution that will suit your care system needs. We will send our technicians to your facility, and we will never give you a quotation on the phone. You can contact us to discuss your requirements or arrange for a survey.

Competitive prices

For effective and easy installation or maintenance of nurse call systems in Qatar and Oman, choose Falcon Technologies. We offer affordable and premium quality nurse call systems that are tailored to suit different budgets. Our systems are designed and adjusted to suit the different needs of our clients. Our systems are installed with expertise and car to ensure that they are easy to use and maintain.

Maintenance of a nursing call system is crucial to guarantee correct operation and unrelenting reliability because issues are identified early and repaired.  We offer regular maintenance services to our installed nurse call installation or pre-existing systems. Our routine maintenance services consist of function testing of all the components of the nurse system and electrical checks of the power supplies and control equipment.

For more information about our Nurse call systems, contact us now.