Access Control Systems

Falcon Technologies is a leader in the access control, automation systems, and security management field. Our entry in the field began in 2008 and we have been serving our clients for a long time. We have grown to over 21 offices, channel partners and service centers spanning across South Asia, Middle-East and African countries.

Why you need access control system

The main reason for acquiring an access control system is to enhance security in your property, business premises or facility. When installed, an access control system can designate the people who can enter any building and areas where they are restricted to enter. The system utilizes cards, pins, key fobs and other security options. You can also use advanced security options like eye scanners and fingerprint scanners to boost the security of your building. 

Range of products

Our access control system range of products extends from single door access to integrated access control systems that can effectively manage hundreds of doors.  Falcon Technologies is committed to continually developing high-tech technology and providing clients with a total system solutions to suit their access control system needs. We believe in hiring dedicates, talented technicians to provide our clients with unmatched service and sales support. 

Markets served

Falcon Technologies serves a wide variety of clients who need access control system Oman has. We work with large multi-site corporations and small businesses to provide high-quality access control and security systems for high-technology, commercial, industrial, financial, communication, government, and transportation institutions. Irrespective of the size of your business or the security needs you have, we will provide the best access control systems. 

Technical services

At Falcon Technologies we are known for providing outstanding customer/sales services and technical support. You will get the assistance and support you need before and after making your purchase. We are always there to offer after-purchase support to ensure that your property or business is secured and safe at all times. We are the best in the access control industry. 

Whether you are searching for a new security system or an access control system for your business, Falcon Technologies has the equipment and expertise to keep your business safe and secure. Falcon Technologies is a full-service company with headquarters in the Middle East, and we provide access control solutions for businesses and homes in South- Asia, Middle East, and Africa. Contact us online or call us so that we can help you find the best access control solution that suits your needs.