Pbx Solution For Small Businesses And Multinationals Across Oman And Qatar

Falcon Technologies offers PBX solutions for small or medium enterprises and large multinationals. We provide a cloud-based system and phone handsets with features that suit the needs of every business. Our main objective is to give all our clients all that they require to optimize their business communication. When you choose a PABX System, you will immediately improve the communication between you and your staff.


What is a PBX System

Private Branch exchange or PBX is a private telephone system that is used in companies or businesses. This communication system consists of various outside lines where users can share when making outside phone calls. A PBX system will connect phones within an office to each other and outside lines. Since you will be sharing a line within your company, then you can have several handsets compared to the lines required and thus will lower the costs.

Our PABX System Qatar trusts come with a telephone trunk with multiple phone lines.  These lines usually end at the PBX. You will also require a computer for managing the call switching within your system and out of the system. Our systems also have a network of lines that are within the PBX, and a dashboard or switchboard for the operator.

At Falcon technologies, we offer four types of PBX systems


       IP PBX

       Hosted or virtual PBX

       Hosted or Virtual IP PBX

Designed for the future

In the past, PBX systems were powered by analog technology. However, with the advancing technology and innovations in the telecommunication industry, PBX systems now utilize digital technology. Our PBX products and installation strategies will allow your business to grow with the technology.  Cutting-edge PBX systems utilize software that matches with your ever-changing needs, unlike analog systems that were constrained by hardware capabilities. 

Quality and reliability

All businesses endeavor to be committed to excel in their field of expertise. Falcon technologies also strives to be a leader in providing security and communication solutions.  We deliver premium quality, reliable business PBX systems in Oman and Qatar. We work with renowned manufacturers to guarantees the quality of our systems. By choosing Falcon Technologies for your PBX systems, you will by no means be disappointed.

In the challenging business environment that exists today, every business needs an edge. A PBX system Oman is one exceptional business tool that will give you the edge you want. This cutting-edge technology will give you the freedom to communicate effectively with your colleagues, business associates and customers from all over the world. Falcon Technologies will provide you with the right hardware and applications to guarantee an effective and simple communication process in your business.