Introducing “Garuda Systems” India, the only GPS Motor-bike tracking/security system that s both the motorbike and the rider. Garuda is the only system to offer two-in-one solutions: motorbike rider's safety and motorbike security. Garuda is the first in the world to combine an anti-theft security / tracking system with fall and crash detection features using advanced GPS enabled technology. This technology allows Garuda to notify you if your motorbike is being moved, has an impact or has fallen over. Designed specifically for today's motorbikes, Garuda is simply the best anti-theft and accident detection system in the world made exclusively for motorbikes. exclusively for motorbikes. The unit is designed to fit all types of motorbikes. Garuda has a 24x7 Call Centre which will receive alerts on all the unusual events such as an accident, theft or a kidnap, and will notify not only follow-up on the rider's well-being, we also inform the nearest police station and make paramedic arrangements if needed.

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